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A start in a new place

04/12/2012 Leave a comment

Just don’t know why how come i was so worry and feel scare to face to the new place. Don’t know is it bcos of my 3 previous failure in my studys? Or i had lack of my confidence of my study?

Almost 5 years plus i had not have this worrys since i was enlisted to NS, but now, i was very worrying of myself whether am i able to cope my study or not. On the other hand, i had to face new people and new faces and not sure are they friendly or not.

When i was attending the investment courses with my father, i was worry-free. Some say it is bcos i miss the person that i care of as they are not around with me. I know i must be independent by myself and i had done it since my NS, but it just somehow hard to do it cos say is easy but hard to put in action.

I just hope that i can get back my confidence in my studys and pass all my subject smoothy, also hope that god will give me more time to face the issue and the problem. Cos i want to spend more time with the people  i care before i restart everything.

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CATS Classified Car-nival July 10, 2011 Racing Queens

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Asia AutoSalon 1 – 3 July 2011 (Singapore) Race Queens Picture

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06/06/2011 1 comment

Just feel really fuck type and i also dunno who should i blame.. Should i blame Sudden Attack or AVG?  I can even lanch my Sudden Attack game cos AVG Resident Shield Alert keep saying that “Threat detected” on cshell.dll beside saying What The Fuck Is IT!!!

Previously it can be solve easily, but now i dunno wat the fuck, why this problem come back again..

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27/05/2011: My First Post

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Today is my first post. To be bo liao, just to fill to sthing in my web…

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