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2012 Nissan Sunny

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Recently in Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition. it has release the latest Nissan Sunny. This new model will go on sale first in China in January 2011 and then progressively across 170 countries worldwide under different vehicle brand names.

This new Nissan Sunny was the first china locally built model from the new Dongfeng Nissan partnership. Acclaimed by consumers for its combination of quality, space and driving performance, the Nissan Sunny quickly help establish a foundation for the Nissan brand in the passenger vehicle market in China.

The 2012 Nissan Sunny is expected to appeal young families that are looking for a medium sized sedan that combines a dynamic upscale design with the space, quality and features associated with the Sunny and Nissan brand.

I hope that Singapore dealer(Tan Chong) will have the 1.6l version that comes with both CVT and Manual version to attrach more consumer due the recent high flying COE.

On the other hand, i hope Nissan Sunny will have 2 edition. They are Super and Luxury Edition, of course there will be some difference in this both edition.

In my mind, i hope that the Singapore Nissan Sunny Specifications will be:

  1. Capacity: 1599cc
  2. Transmission: Comes with 6-Speed Manual and CVT Version
  3. Horsepower: 150 bhp for Manual and 146 bhp for Auto
  4. Fuel Consumption: Can range between 17l(Auto) – 19l(Manual)/100km
  5. Full leather seats
  6. Hoping for full speedometer 240km/h
  7. Top speed 215km/h for Manual and 205km/h for Auto
  8. Dual Airbag + Curtain Airbag
  9. Traction Control
  10. Immobiliser
  11. Cabin Slients
  12. Smart Key
  13. USB connection port for iPod® interface and other compatible devices
  14. 60:40 Spilt
  15. Knockdown Rear Seat
  16. Leather Steering Wheel
  17. Electrical retractable side mirrors
  18. Either Fog light or LED Daytime Running Lights
  19. LED taillights and brake lights
  20. UV-reducing solar glass
  21. Super-wide-illumination High Intensity Discharge (HID) xenon headlights
  22. Steering wheel-mounted audio controls
  23. 5,600mm turning radius
  24. Reverse gear to driver side
  25. 4-Wheel Disc Brake
  26. Push Start Button
  27. Controls on steering wheel
  28. Auto climate control aircon
  29. Nissan standard sports rim
  30. Flat rear center floor
  31. Analog Speedometer and Analog Tachnometer
  32. Paddle shift for the cvt version
  33. Side-Turn Signal Lamp
  34. All door lock when brake is apply while engine is on
  35. Rear armrest
  36. Intergrated LED Signal Lamp Side Mirror (For Luxury Edition Only)
  37. Optional Sunroof (For Luxury Edition Only)
  38. Foot brake on CVT paddle shift version (For Luxury Edition Only)
  39. Height of the car will be around 1,480 – 1,500 mm

What i don’t really like to have or don’t really need:

  1. Auto Headlight
  2. Auto Wiper
  3. Digital Speedometer and Digital Tachnometer

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Nissan Juke

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Nissan Juke had release in singapore at 2010.

Con thing about this car:

  1. For the DIG-T version, the capacity is 1618 which is at the cat B(1601-2000cc) which is quite expensive for the car price.
  2. If there is a manual verison it will be better.
  3. Horsepower can be improved for 1598cc.
  4. Brake abit stiff.


  1. Interior and exterior design nice.
  2. Cabin slients.


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Owning A Nissan Sunny N16

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Having this type of Nissan Sunny N16 manual version and this was one of my dream car that my father brought at Feb 2010. This car was great,  fuel comsumption good and low maintaince. Petrol wise compare to the other car that was produce in the same year as this Sunny, SGD50 i can pump in between of half tank and 1/4 tank left in the fuel tank. Its base on own experience some more i pump it using RON95, compare to Toyota Altis and Mazda3 sp using RON92.

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My First Car

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Finally waiting three years after i got my licences, i had a car. But this car was brought by my father that was under his name and recevice it at 10 Feb 2010 just before chinese new year. It was a Nissan Sunny N16 1.6l Manual, one of my favourite car and hope to get it for years.

Hope one day i wll like my father that can own a car. I won’t mind own a Nissan Sunny Manual again if it had or else i think i will be looking for Subaru Impreza Manual version.

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Talking about NBA

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Feel so sad to the Los Angeles Lakers that can’t get into the NBA Finals in 2011 and Lakers coach Phil Jackson has announce his retirement. Well, more over he is stiil the best coach in the league and in the NBA. Wish him all the best and hope the new coach can help the Lakers to win another back to back champs.

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27/05/2011: My First Post

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Today is my first post. To be bo liao, just to fill to sthing in my web…

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